Sunday, 3 October 2010

Gundam It!!

While I was dipping my foot into the manga field for a while, my mind wandered back to the 90s and a mag called Manga Max that often had cool samurai-esque robots. The top brand of mecha was Gundam and so I found myself picking up a cheap Gundam model kit off eBay.

I only ever had three or four model kits as a kid and they were all disasters, glue, paint and decals plastered everywhere. These Gundams require no glue or paint (though they look a ton better with a lick of paint) but the visual diagram instructions are all in Japanese.

While going through a black period, I found building these to be quite therapeutic: building them completely distracted me from everything else going on and I had a cool fully articulated mecha at the end of it. As the months went by, I'd pick up a kit here and there and even splashed out on one of the larger kits (though not the largest: there are a number of scale ranges).

Above, in no particular order are the results of my work: I still haven't been brave enough to try some paints but have used a marker in spots and added panel lines. I had a power cut today and so mostly completed a kit I had stockpiled, with a more intricate kit of the original Gundam robot kept aside for when I have the time...

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