Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sniffle Piffles

Blasted flu has wiped me out for a few days but I'm getting my strength back and should be heading back to the slave pits tomorrow. Tons of stuff I could have been doing but had the energy to do nothing but lie down for three days!

Anyway, just thought I'd post some random bobbins:

During our regular pub sessions in Brum, we often end up filling A5 pads with numerous sketches. I uploaded some to Facebook recently but thought I'd try and colour this Amy Pond (drawn as it was the Who finale that day and we were discussing t inbetween sips of alcoholic beverages). It's not great but thought I'd post it as something a bit different. By the way, talking of different stuff: stick my name in on Amazon (or apparently WHSMiths or Waterstones, apparently) and the second humour book I've illustrated should show, a bit ruder than the first one but nothing TOO bad...though there are a couple of images I'm not putting up here!

Finally saw the Richard Donner cut of Superman II and have to say, it's a lot stronger than the theatrical version. It feels shorter and follows the original fairly closely (as most of that was shot simultaneously with the first movie by Donner anyway) but tonally and thematically is a lot stronger than the campier original. Gone at last are the bloody stupid animated cellophane S shield Superman throws at the end and his stupid new powers like the memory loss-inducing kiss and lasers from his hands: Zod still shows telekinetic abilities in one scene, but who's to say he did not have this ability already?

Lara is excised completely and Marlon Brando reinserted for some strong father/son stuff with messianic overtones. What at first look scenes set on Krypton from the first film are actuallyy not: they are the same scenes and takes but using footage shot from differing camera coverage, so the scenes are familiar but actually observed from a whole new direction.

A few new FX shots have been added as missing film had been cobbled together from numerous sources around the globe. As a result, some of Richard Lester's directed scenes remain to maintain continuity and a scene never shot for the film but used as screen tests for Reeves and Kidder has been reinserted. Quality of the image doesn't alter but it is amusing to watch their hairstyles jump around a lot! I never could take to Kidder as Lois but have to admit she was quite attractive in the right light. Still can't beat Erica Durance's Lois...

Talking of, attached above are the actors set to play Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and the new Blue Beetle in Smallville. Although his appearance was hinted at but never confirmed, Ted Kord definitely appears, though probably not as the Blue Beetle.

Proof copy of something I put together turned up and had great reproduction. Unfortunately, three pages were printed at the wrong ratio so when this is rectified, should be something new out in a few weeks, nothing major but something to hopefully gee me up into drawing properly again...

...although I do have a few illustrations to do by end of February, as well as prepare a talk for a small press show in March, so I'm gonna busy for the next month or so, as well as possibly starting therapy. Although I've been held in a weekly prep group for months, I've comparatively steamed ahead as only four other people have gone forward in this time. Still keeping my head down for a month or so to recover my pennies as there's a holiday in May to prepare for too.

Despite being off on the sick, plenty to keep me occupied once I get back to health!


dave said...

A brunette Booster Gold? Didn't they read the books?

Rol said...

If they remove the memory-stealing kiss, does Lois keep her knowledge of Clark's identity?

Hope you feel better soon, Nige.

Nige Lowrey said...

Real blonde blokes seem to be hard to find nowadays, but I'm hoping a quick dyejob fixes the situation as it's almost part of his costume colour scheme...mind you, no guarantee he'll be in costume either...

Cheers, Rol, I feel a bit better: not 100% but a darn sight better than a few days ago.

As to Lois, no, she doesn't keep the knowledge. If you want to know how, I'll putt the reason below after a spoiler space:


Basically, Superman defeats the villains but realises he made a mistake by giving up his powers to be with Lois. Getting them back costs him another personal loss (of a sort) so he reverses time to before the villains are set free from the Phantom Zone.

While this sounds like a cop out as it was the end of Superman 1, both films were intended to be one continuous story (a la Back To The Future) and originally the first film was set to end with the cliffhanger of the villains being set free and heading to Earth.

However, the Salkinds got cold feet about the potential of the film and halted production on S2 (shot simultaneously with S1)in order to just complete the first film and see how things turned out.

The end was changed and the film was a hit but the Salkinds hired a nhew director to finish the remaining scenes of S2, resulting in changes from the original vision....