Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Even More General Mutterings

Hmmm, so the first Captain America teaser has been released...while not hating the movie cosume, I would have liked to see the traditional comic design but I have to admit that Cap looks great in action. Weedy Steve Rogers is done well, the shield looks substantial and the Red Skull looks pretty good. Fingers crossed for this, which has suddenly shot up in my list of upcoming films.

Thor still looks ok, but nothing exceptional. New Spidey looks a bit rubbery. I don't miss the silver webbing but the costume doesn't really need the unnecessary tweak, especially as Garfield's more accurate lanky frame casts quite a different look anyway. By pure coincidence, I was leafing through Spider-Man: With Great Power the other day and I think the movie costume is lifted from there. Briefly used in his wrestling days, see what you think....

Earned some Amazon vouchers in return for art a while back so bought a few DVD boxsets. Watched the first season of Being Human, probably one of the best UK dramas of recent times...not saying much, but it's a decent show.

Also rewatched season one of the should-hate-it-but-don't-as-it's-good-really Misfits...viewing it now knowing Nathan's powers, there were some clever allusions to it in earlier episode dialogue, with him actually having used his power in another episode but without him or the audience knowing. I'm diving back into the even better second season now and I'm looking forward to finally watching the Xmas special, which I missed.

Got doodling during a course at work the other day (about extremism!) when a face I was scrawling reminded me of Matt Smith as the Doctor. Inspired by the gorgeous clear line art of the Blake and Mortimer graphic novel I'd just finished reading (bloody text heavy but stunning art from a decade before Kirby's bombastic energy swamped the US comic field and squeezed out solidly drawn and composed illustrations in favour of emotive dynamism instead), I started doodling a pic of the 11 Doctors in a similar style. Tom Baker needs work and Matt needs complete reworking, but an interesting experiment...

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