Sunday, 15 May 2011

Who The Hell?

Dr Who's back and while I still love the cast and enjoy the little ongoing mysteries regarding River, Amy and that regenerating girl (the Rani?), none of the episodes have been as classic as last season's yet. Still, it's nice to see the cheesy kid-friendly spin of the RTD still gone and even subtle things like changes in the music cues helps the show still.

Anyway, Who was announced as the theme this week on the Weekly Themed Art Blog so I went online to crib some refs and knocked up a piece yesterday. however, today I tinkered with it a bit in Photoshop to come up with a slightly more polished version: coincidentally, I was going to ink a Judge Anderson sometime while away on Holiday, but I inked it today and will probably do a variation on the last Anderson pic I posted...seems pointless but I wanted to practice drawing "full scale rather" than just at A4...

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