Monday, 25 July 2011

Dredding It

It's been quietly progressing under the radar but now pics are starting to filter out in the run up to Dredd, starring LOTR/Star Trek movie Karl Urban in the title role.

While the Stallone Judge Dredd movie isn't as bad as it's rep (it's a solid story with decent effects: it's just that Stallone and Rob Sneider scuttle every scene they're in...but you knew I'd say that), I'm looking forward to a new interpretation. I was disappointed when I first saw the uniform as again it was a deviation from the comic version: it wouldn't bug me so much if Comics International hadn't run a pic of a fan in spot-on accurate Dredd gear that looked amazing. However, the helmet IS spot on and I like the battle armour look of the movie Judges.

I'm waiting for the trailer but will be hoping this could be quite fun...

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