Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fantagraphics Nick My Idea!

Two posts ago, I wrote that if i won the lottery, " One of the first things I'd do would be issue a collection of all Wally Woods's EC sci-fi stories (followed by a similar Al Williamson volume, then a Wood collection of his other EC work and yet another with his other short stories for other publishers)."

I later learned that six days earlier that Fantagraphic have accquired the rights to the EC library and are planning to issue some black and white collections. However, these are not simply collections of entire series but themed collections instead. They have announced a few but of particular interest to me are:

* Came The Dawn and Other Stories. This is a Wally Wood collection, but of his tightly-wound suspense stories rather than perhaps more traditionally lauded work.

* An untiled book featuring 174 pages of Al Williamson's science fiction tales.
Can't wait for these, and I hope a wally Wood sci-fi collection isn't far behind...

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