Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Where Are You Going, Bo-Lland

Apologies for the Grange Hill derived (can't say inspired, really)...

Just finished reading Cover Story: The DC Comics Art of Brian Bolland...I say read as while it's essentially a gallery of his covers for DC, each page also features commentary by Bolland himself. I'm a bit of a sensualist with my big art books, leaving them in their clingfilm wrapping for as long as I can resist the urge to crack open the book. The aroma of that glossy paper wafts up and I'm always intrigued to see what's under dust jackets. The Bolland book had a black and white printing of a superb Sgt Rock piece that is a favourite of mine (despite not being a Rock fan). By the time I got to the first few pages, I was really excited to discover the joys within.

I savoured the book and pored over my favourite pieces, most of which had full page reproduction (I really liked the Zatanna one-shot cover but that only got a half page). I finished the book, put it down satisfied...then thought "Hang on!"

Some of my favourite Bolland pieces were absent and I realised that while the book covered 95% of Bolland's output, there were a few notable absences. As a result of my disappointment of these omissions, I have posted them above: enjoy!

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