Monday, 2 January 2012

January Blues

Well, back to work after tomorrow after a stonking 10 days off and I'm not sure whether it's the thought of a year kicking off with personal problems going on or just the thought of going back to work after having a relatively hassle free time off...but whichever, not looking forward to tomorrow.

Tried drawing just for fun earlier and got stuck at the pencil stages...the figures just weren't flowing despite numerous tweaks so I'll probably just start all over again (though I like both heads, particularly Rogue's). Amethyst was part of my art save thing but as the original was A5 and done for the A-Z of heroes project going a few years ago, this is less a save and more (actually) a whole new drawing. I also plan on redrawing Nico from Runaways but after these (and two others that can wait)are done, time to refocus on sequential stuff again...had an expert tutorial in lettering, will be interesting to see how much I remember when it comes to that stage!

I've also bunged up a pic I saw on Bleeding Cool yesterday, Erica Durance as Wonder Woman from some David E Kelly show: hmm, while great as Lois, I think she'd be a good Wondy too...

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