Monday, 23 January 2012

May The Devil Take Ya

Bad News/Good News...

I've been circling towards doing a graphic novel adapting some of Manly Wade Wellman's short stories of Silver John/John the Balladeer for a while and had cleared projects to start with some two-pagers in a week or so. I presumed the character was in the public domain as there was no copyright notice in the recent collection I read and could find no mention of anything online.

Gearing up for it, I dove back to do a deeper search to find that there is an agent for Wellman's estate but there is already a graphic novel adaptation in the works.

While a little annoying (I was looking forward to that!), it means I can refocus on my own project instead. I want to do two projects at the same time so if I get bored with one, I can flip to the other, but need to come up with a fun adventure to work with. I have tons of dialogue and scenes worked out for my main project, now to start thumbnailing some pages. This will be the one drawn cleanline, so could be a bit of a challenge for me...especially as I still don't have a title or first name for the main character(s)!

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