Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nun Of That!

Well, I was looking forward to the Xmas season for once last year: money in my pocket, time off, parties booked and even a good ol' Brum trip but unfortunately, came down with a nasty bug that wiped me out for most of it. 2013, however, is shaping up to be pretty productive so far. As well as a few last minute art jobs for our new office and that, I completed two pages of inks for Too Much Sex And Violence at the weekend and I've managed to squeeze in more experiments with a liney art style. Steve Buscemi is far more successful for me than Walken was and I've done a second "drape girl". The first is the better image but I like the lines on the new one more, which will be posted once coloured.

A while ago, an image (moving like a movie not still like a photo) of a nun standing on a grassy rocky hillside, her habit trailing off like a bride's dress behind her, popped into my head totally unbidden. I'm not one of those who have a thing for nuns, religious things or authority so dunno where this came from..but I felt like drawing it nevertheless. That was a few weeks ago and I never posted it as it just looked wrong.

Before New Year, I figured it was because the legs were too long/thin so on New Years Day, eager to try and ease into doing something other than cough , splutter and curse Xmas TV, I decided to "fix" the nun pic. Originally I just lay a piece of paper over the original and drew new legs..then realised I didn't like the face either, and that hand annoyed me and..I ended up tracing the original habit but creating everything new. Not a great piece but it got me started...next few weeks will be tight with a few art jobs to juggle but so far, it seems to be going ok..quality aside of course :)


Rol said...

I love the nun, although I too disapprove of using salacious imagery of nuns to sell comics and stuff.

Thought the Steve Buscemi picture captured his innate Peter Lorre-ness perfectly.

Tone said...

Cool stuff. The line work on Buscemi reminds me a bit of Sim's Glamourpuss.

Love the drape girl. Think you're developing a great balance between clean line and detail.

Nige Lowrey said...

Cherrs, guys. It's all just experimenting really but that'll be on the back burner for a while as more pressing art is at hand...