Monday, 28 January 2013

Random Ramblings

So far, 2013's been a bit shit but hopefully things are on the turn. I'm recovering nicely from minor surgery and have been able to get cracking on artwork and reading. Yesterday, I managed to do my first thing for the Weekly Themed Art Blog for a while and today, I finished my pages for Too Much Sex And Violence #5 and finally seem to have managed to get that elusive likeness of Erica Durance. I think I've managed to get Kristen Bell too, but there's minimal linework as I want to shade that one to get the likeness (you can't tell who it is just from the linework).

TV remains shit but hurrah, Being Human is back on Sunday and I'm hoping it's as great as the last series. With Phil Daniels playing a decrepit Satan as the series villain, things seem good despite two episodes having been cut from the run.

Marvel and DC also continue to be largely uninspiring so I was delighted when my last ACE parcel arrived. A monster of a thing to and no wonder: two whacking great hardcovers, Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland and a huge book on Wally Wood. As well as Marvel Comics: The Untold Story (my lunch break read), I'm currently wading through these as well as another excellent hardcover.

I don't recall what made me order it or how I found out bout it but Siegfried by Alex Alice is a stunning retelling of the Wagnerian mythic hero's tale. I already have P Craig Russell's Ring of the Nibelung adaption but here the story is reinterpreted rather than adapted and the storytelling is phenomenal. With an animated version in the works (trailer here ), great storytelling in a sturdy hardcover edition filled out by  an extensive discussion with Alice detailing his process in developing both the 3-volume graphic novel and the animated version, this is my current fave read and I'm already looking forward to the final 2 volumes, not yet translated from the French.

Also, I have a cold now. Arse.

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