Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Drawing comics is kind of a calling as it's an inordinate amount of work that sends many an aspiring artist from other fields running: as well as having to follow the unspoken language of comics storytelling (left to right flow for instance), artists need to maintain consistency from panel to panel, establish settings, create mood and character, master perspective, choose camera angles, draw things they hate and any other number of problems, all on a deadline...

...but sometimes, it's worth it when that page or sequence is successfully pulled off. I'm currently half way through graytoning my 4 pages for the next Too Much Sex And Violence and while I doubt any of my pages will be settling into my portfolio (cocked a few things up and about three other projects simultaneously on the go, one often requiring deadlines of only a few days with no notice!, meant I couldn't afford as much time as I'd have liked)...but I do grin at this panel.

Sometimes, drawing comics is just pure fun....

(By the way, if you tap in too much sex and violence into google then do an image search...out of the whole goldarned internet, the first 4 of the first 5 images --though one is just partial-- are by me. I'm kinda proud of that fact too :) )

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