Saturday, 24 May 2008

From My Collection Part 2

Following from the previous post, here's a look at some of my original art...

Above is a great page of art from Starman, another favourite series of mine. This is by Gary Erskine, a nice guy and great artist: I also have a Scalphunter sketch by him as well.

This piece is by Sean Phillips, inked by Duncan Fegredo. Now can anyone guess what made me pick up this page? While it's not in continuity, this is still a cool Cyclops-heavy page...

Finally, a page from one of the old Vertigo Jam specials as drawn by Duncan Fegredo (who I also have a sketch of Cyclops by!). This page is certainly of value if considering characters as it has practically the entire cast of Vertigo A-list characters from the 90s, including my favourites Shade, Cliff Steele and Buddy baker, as well as Constantine, Phantom Stranger and even King Mob!

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