Thursday, 8 May 2008

Random Roundup!

While I slowly toil away colouring this Heroes pic that has become UNfun and not very good now either, a few random updates...

A young Scott Summers is to appear in the upcoming Wolverine movie, making a certain person around here a bit happy...(hmm, four movie appearances and countless animated appearances, wonder where that robot bounty hunter is now, yes?)

While my pocket is currently hurting, I groaned when I saw my quarterly gas bill arrive..then cheered when it was for only £9.15!! No chance the lecky will be as low but here's hoping it'll still be low!

Been catching up on the EC comics and MAN, can they be hard work! Lovely artwork (the reason I bought them, so no complaints really) but the samey, hokey-twist ended repetitiveness is soon apparent. I have about five sci-fi issues to sit through and then a handful of random other titles, including Valor, Piracy and Frontline Combat (which I'm quite looking forward to).

Been slowly mulling over a top TV post but am finding it quite hard to fill any kinda list. If I make ten of anything, it'll be a miracle. In the meantime, enjoy these shots of Charlie from Lost...

After feeling bad about my friend who was homeless a few days back, I've since noticed her facebook page has been updated with pics of her new pets (labelled as "our" new pets)...this kind of contrary behaviour is what made me not offer help when I could, so while I feel bad about feeling bad, I'm glad I had a lucky escape!

Getting used to Broadband, which is great but the BT Yahoo browser is slow SLOW! Just finishing up transferring my online accounts to my new e-address (a pain, so thanks for your incompetency, BT) then so long, dial up!

Right now, it's so long, me..

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Tone said...

Don't use the BT browser then, set IE as your default, or better yet Firefox.

You trying to start some Cyclops/Deaths Head rivalry with Kelvin? If that's the best Cyke can do for an arch-nemesis... Watching the new Wolverine toon trailer, doesn't look like Scotty's getting much action from the White Queen: