Thursday, 1 May 2008

Like A Hurricane

Sat in a tedious new IT demo for two hours today (though I had to literally hide my smirk for about two minutes during a discussion about "logging jobs"--heehee, sounds like poo), my mind wandered back to a call I received yesterday from a friend/former workmate who has found herself homeless after her mum remarried and threw her out after then falling pregnant, leaving Cat to move in with her boyfriend who subsequently began beating her. Nice life, huh?

I always got on with Cat and I hate seeing mates down and wanted to help: I wanted to offer her the chance to crash at my place for a few days but past experience stopped me before I made that offer. I made a similar gesture before: the first time was when another mate went through a divorce and he crashed over before. I was working nights and not the best place mentally as a result and by the time he left, he was still grateful and friendly towards me but he had driven me and my sister up the wall to the point where we couldn't bear the thought of talking to him. Some time after, another friend was also facing hassle from her landlord so she stayed with me for a few months. Lovely girl but turns out she was a bit of a nut job too: the breaking point with us came after an argument over her TV not working (ironic, considering my current similar TV deprivation) and money not paid back to me as agreed, which I needed as she had also ran up the phone bill. I still regret the end of that friendship as we got on famously until then: she even posed for a sketch (I love drawing people but rarely get the chance to work from life). Although the likeness was never spot on, I later changed the hair completely to divorce the drawing from the model: looking at the drawing would always make me remember and kinda irritated me as a result.

Anyway, as a result of the above, I opted not to extend the offer of help to Catrina: I feel guilty about not doing so and have texted and e-mailed her with an offer to meet up to discuss her problems...but I know the problems of extending that offer of a place to crash could be calamitous.

Sometimes I suppose the right thing for one person is just not right for another...

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Rol said...

People, eh? an't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em.