Sunday, 19 October 2008

Drawn Out

Well, most of my backlog of reading material is cleared (outside of three books and the Cinebook collections) so I'm slowly gearing up for proper drawing again. I've managed to get two things done this weekend, both things I've been wanting to get around to for some time. It's good to tick them off my list and get closer to some real stuff again.

Monkey's pretty crap but I just wanted him out of the way. I was fairly happy with Nico (other than the top of the staff, which I had to squeeze in as I had no room on the paper!) until I inked it and noticed the legs were too long. A quick use of the transform tool enabled me to simply shift and adjust the boots further up and hey presto, job saved. I'm fairly happy with this one now, although I wish I could have been bothered to shade the skirt better. I tried to use the colour burn effect Tone uses but despite him showing me in person, me making notes and also using his tutorials, I still couldn't figure out how the bloody layering works so this is bog standard flat colour ring instead.


Nige Lowrey said...

Bollocks, I've just noticed I haven't coloured the trim on Monkey's tunic! Bugger, that's gonna be a quick photoshop job again!

Tone said...

Hehe, I'm always forgetting to colour bits myself, then updating em later hoping nobody noticed.

The Nico's lovely as it is mate, one of your best. She's definitely on my To Draw list.

Rol said...

Nico never looked better.

Unfortunately I can't comment on Monkey without going all "Gakkk! Stupid Monkey! Bahh!" which I'm sure you don't want to hear.