Thursday, 16 October 2008

Star Trek The Next Regeneration

Well, the first new Star Trek pics are starting the rounds and I'm---indifferent. I like the bridge but it's lost the compressed feeling of the original that added such tension. The uniforms just look odd now, especially after the more interesting ones from the movies and Next generation shows.

I'm looking forward to the film but can't escape the feeling that the cast just won't be able to shake the ghosts of the original cast, except for maybe Simon Pegg---dunno why but his pic here looks more authentic than Doohan (who of course was not an authentic Scot).

Still needs Shatner...

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Tone said...

What doesn't eh?

I don't object to the retro look or the recasting. It just seems a bit of a step backward trying to slavishly recapture the original, rather than coming up with a new spin on a tired franchise.