Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Random Roundup -- Reborn!!

Man, I'm gonna run out of those alliterative "R"s pretty soon...

Above is a dilution of a plot thread in Wally Wood's Cannon strip that is so bad it's kinda funny. Running a page at a time in an army magazine, Cannon was a gung-ho American version of 007 and the above is a page composed of panels from a few weeks of continuity. For those interested, Cannon is "saved" when Elena is blown up at the alter on their wedding day. Dubious material but lovely art, which is why I want to track down the Sally Forth collection by Wood but it's a bit pricey (and even more nudey!)

Tone's recent post about Halo Jones piqued my interest as I've always wanted to read this but the art--the ART!! Ohmigod, the goofy weird Ian Gibson art throws me right out, although it improves by the end of the collection. Still, Tone offered to lend my his spiffy hardcover so I don't have to shell out for a collection that each time I've picked up, has made me put it straight back down because of the visuals. Even though I'm trying to clear my reading pile, I'm looking forward to this. Also on my reading pile is Locke & Key, another collection with art not to my taste but it's supposed to be good, written by the increasingly popular Joe Hill. The first issue of House of M was a giveaway at BICS this year and I quite enjoyed it, so I also picked up the House of M tpb, so my pile swells yet again.

Slowly getting into drawing again, having just completed a Rogue figure: I want to do a backdrop and have some practice with layers in Photoshop--NOT going well at the moment. I also want to do an Elle from Heroes pic but am most looking forward to the cover of Pjang #2, Rol's idea being simple but enjoyable so hopefully I'll pull it off. After those, some practice with drawing anatomy and on to new pages. Feeling a bit down on my art again at the minute so need to get back to it pretty soon.

That won't be until the New Year probably as there's an upcoming holiday to sort out and then Christmas too, plus a few social gatherings in December probably.

Dead Set started and was OK but not as satirical as I expected and not as involving as the cast are a bit vague. Maybe tonight will improve empathy for the characters. Watched Burn After Reading at the weekend, which is great fun and the arrival of Iron man and Hulk on DVD

sees my range of comic movies spread even further.

My Christmas list:

* A new bookshelf

* An electronic picture frame

* Frames to fit the US-dimensioned prints picked up from BICS this year.

* Blue Beetle and Booster Gold figures

As you were...


Tone said...

That's class. So how did it end again, he push her down the stairs or somethin?

Nige Lowrey said...

Well, Elena died when she got blown up at the altar...