Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Heroes Reborn (Spoiler Free)

Well, after a hiccup meant I might not have been able to have my "portfolio" reviewed this weekend as I was unaware you had to register for reviews (a situation now hopefully resolved), I settled in to watch the first two episodes of Heroes Season Three.

Judging from these two episodes, the series is definitely back on track. There isn't the shock of the new as with the first season, but there's enough WTF moments and questions that drag you right in, as do snippets from the future. The villains seen so far look pretty evil but the producers know how to get the audience really going now, setting Sylar at the heart of the action again. There's some good humour there too, and still a few characters waiting to reappear from last season (and I think one has been written out judging from early dialogue). However, there's still the interminable Mohinderlogues. He waffled on and I realised I automatically tune it out as when I started listening, he was going on about the baby Jesus or something.

Looking forward to the next 12 weeks now (Heroes Unmasked let slip that little fact, so at least we should have a solid run before the show goes on hiatus until the second half returns).

Save the cheerleader...


kelvingreen said...

Oh god, I'd hoped that they'd killed Mohinder off during series two.

Nige Lowrey said...

I liked Mohinder initially but he's a bit of a git in the new season and there's still no justification for those bloody monologues...unless the whole thing is told in flashback by an 80 year old Mohinder slipping into dementia..

Tone said...

Mohinder is the real evil behind the series. Most everything that's gone wrong (Isaac's visions, the virus, and now the mutant steroids) can be traced back to his attempts to 'help'. Plus he's a tit.

Your post title is very apt Nige, as the first season could be viewed as classic Heroes, the second season the abridged ill advised Heroes Reborn reboot (minus Liefeld thankfully), and the new season the Heroes Return attempt to recapture former glories. As Hiro put it, he's already saved the world twice, and they're beginning to run out of X-Men plots to recycle. Days Of Future Past again with Peter as Kitty Pryde? They really have no shame.

Still, much better than season 2.