Saturday, 11 October 2008

Hey, Kids--Comics!!

Following Rol's 13 question comic meme, here are my additions to the thread...

Favourite Current Title

I'm not actually buying anything regularly, the closest being occasional titles like Hellboy and Castle Waiting (which is kind of pissing me off right now as it's blatantly being just hacked out) or trades like Fable and Walking Dead. I'd have to say that Ex Machina is probably the trade I look forward to the most. Tone's Outcastes is the closest I have to enjoying a title on a regular basis.

Comicbook Character Only Recently Discovered or Started Reading

I'm always on the lookout for something new but rarely find anything so took a chance with some stuff from Eurocomic publisher, Cinebook so I'd have to list Alpha, IR$ and Aldebaran.

Which one character would you write or draw?

Well, it's the obvious thing to say your favourite character so even though he's tied into the X-line so much, I'd still say Cyclops as there's enough there to go into new directions.

Are You A Fan Of Big Multi-Issue Crossover Extravaganzas?

Definitely not. You should be able to read the core title without following the satellite titles, which is becoming increasingly impossible. Read Civil War as a collection and it jumps all over the place. The only crossover that has really ever worked was Crisis On Infinite Earths, which is currently being reversed as much as possible, resulting in confusing, dull, ill-judged projects such as Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis--three issues since May and nobody's clamouring for the next issue!

Last Comic You Dropped And Why?

Peter David's X-Factor--too many artists (although I liked Sook and Raimondi) led to an inconsistent look but this was just terribly DULL!! Nothing ever happened, tedious beyond belief and my like for the characters was not enough to keep my interested in a series going nowhere...

Favourite Character?

Cyclops, still an archetypal superhero for me..

Are You A DC or Marvel Fan?

I try not to fall into this divide and just pick up the titles I like, but historically I'm way more of a Marvel reader than DC: although at times the pendulum has swung in DC's favour, the vast majority of my stuff has been Marvel.

Do you remember your first comic/series?

Well, I remember comics always being around for as far as I can recall and always had Mighty World of Marvel as a kid before even being able to read (even then I loved to draw and loved the art)...I distinctly recall this issue shown as I was learning to read and could make out "HU" but got stuck with "LK". However, probably my first real memory was an issue of JLA that I remember my dad buying for me when I was off school ill. All I distinctly remember is the banner with all the heroes' heads going along the top of the cover and a scene where the Atom falls from the sky and the Elongated Man catches him in his hand. Dunno which issue that was, but it was from 1976 or so, around the time of the above issue...

Is Watchmen The Movie Going To Be As Good As The Comic?

Of course not. It's very rare for an adaptation to improve the source material and it's always a bad thing to read the source before seeing the adaptation as you are always comparing it against your own ideas. Having said that, I love the darker look of the Watchmen movie to the primary-coloured comics so I am looking forward to the film...

Favourite Comic Book Movie?

Well, the first Superman movie is flawless until the introduction of Otis sends it all goofy and I loved X-Men 2---but Spider-Man 2 was a more emotionally satisfying film than X2 and stronger overall than Superman.

Worst Comic Book Movie?

Catwoman was terrible but at least it was entertainingly bad. For absolute dross, check out Steel--I was never a fan of the character but this made me hate him even more. Shocking.

Character You'd Like To See In A Movie?

Well, Green Lantern, Thor and Captain America are all in development so I'll suggest Iron Fist: great back story, great potential action sequences, that bloody great dragon and all the mystical stuff and a cool visual design. Iron Fist'd be cool...

Series That You'd Like To See On TV?

Well, Preacher has halted again but I was always really disappointed that Starman never made it to the screen after a significant development period. I'd still love to see James Robinson's Jack Knight Starman take to the TV channels...


dave said...


I always like people who'l rant and rave and insult but never have the courage to actually take esponsibility for their views/actions.

Is that Peter David?

Nige Lowrey said...

Yeah, while I wanted to throttle the twat, I quickly calmed down when I realised this was a pathetic individual with noting in his life. Why else attack a random post with nothing inflammatory, and they were obviously unable to even verbalise their opinions properly.

Delete, delete, delete.

Tone said...

Tab, Tab, space. Bet that bloke had just bought Steel on DVD.

If my comic's the closest to regular, the comics industry must be in worse shape than I thought. But cheers anyway. I still like X-Factor, even if nothing does happen. It's like the mutant equivalent of Friends, a cosy staid sitcom.

Bout 30 years late for an Iron Fist movie innit? Unless Tarantino was doing it...